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Victory Music Box brings your project alive with visually & emotionally  charged music.


VMB integrates your project with custom music: From critical, quick musical selection to scoring a theatrical, feature length film.

Film & TV

Our music compliments and enhances every Genre: Horror, Comedy, Romance, Drama and more...


VMB music can capture every theme, mood and essence of your major or regional brand to tug at your audience's heart strings.


"Finding music that fits your film is not only time consuming, but possibly the most important part of completing the movie. I’ve had to sift and search through a variety of confusing music libraries where there was one good piece per thousand and it gets very frustrating.


When I learned about Victory Music Box and saw how they were approaching things in a customizable way for filmmakers, I wondered why I hadn’t seen it before. I’m excited to see where they go with creating and scoring music for filmmakers on an individual basis."



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