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Meet the artist behind Victory Music Box.

Mitch Victory


Mitch Victory, the artist behind Victory Music Box (VMB), boasts a diverse resume and rich history attracting top musical and business talent in the music industry. He has recorded with many luminaries including:

  • Glen Kolotnick (Producer) & Joan Jett

  • Toby Scott (Engineer/Producer) & Bruce Springsteen

  • Patrick Moraz from Moody Blues and

  • Mit from The Eurythmics.

George Daly (Cars/Electra Records) signed The Artist to an exclusive representation contract.  Advised by the legendary Clive Davis, Mitch honed his songs to bring out the melodic qualities and emotional ebbs & flows that are now the backbone of his music.

"I was sitting in Clive Davis' office at Arista in New York when he told me to forget the band and had me sit down at the piano to play a few of my songs.  That's what will resonate with clients and differentiate you from everybody else in L.A., N.Y., Detroit and Nashville. He cared about the song, not the production of it."
 - Mitch Victory

That was a huge lesson in developing VMB's sound.  The "One Instrument Test:" Every song has to stand on its own merits and should be able to be played with one instrument.  To be a true song, it has to send a simple message: "Never bore us with the Chorus"


Later that week, VMB played the first of several shows in New York at the legendary CBGB's and through the years developed and played with many industry heavyweights. These types of rich experiences with venues, musical talent, business executives and fan feedback has led The Artist to create Victory Music Box!